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Thursday, October 27, 2011

КРАТКО И ЈАСНО @ канал 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) playlist 27.10.2011

VIOLENT ARREST-Pcp (Tooth and Nail/LP/Tadpole,Farewell,Boss Tuneage)
UZBEKS-Alice DIY (Goggles And Flipflops/LP/Twintoe,Partygarage)
VILE NATION- Tight Leash (Tight Leash/EP/Way back when,Even worse)
MUKEKA DI RATO- Atletas de Fristo (Atletas de Fristo/LP/Laja)
NIXIL BAHTER- Mariah Carey is more punk than you (split 7” vs. Alarmstufe Gerd/Spastic Fantastic)
ALARMSTUFE GERD- Glaub ich nicht ( split 7” vs. Nixil Bahter/Spastic Fantastic)
TEENAGE COOL KIDS- Poison Ivy ( split 7” vs. Daniel Striped Tiger/Propagonist Music,Clean Plate)
DANIEL STRIPED TIGER-Non stop ( split 7” vs. Teenage Cool Kids/Propagonist Music,Clean Plate)
OMEGAS- Kill For Control (Blasts Of Lunacy/LP/Parts Unknown)
YUCK- Get Away (Yuck/LP/Fat Possum)
PANDA BEAR- Slow Motion (Tomboy/Paw Tracks)
JOE 4-Postman(Enola Gay/10”/Whosbrain)
EH!-Km 351 (La Fase Del Sueño Intratable/LP/B Core)
MEAT PUPPETS- Hour of the Idiot (Lollipop/LP/Megaforce)
WIRE-Please take (Red Barked Tree/LP/Pink Flag)
SONIC YOUTH- Chez Yves (Alice et Clara) (Simon Werner a Disparu/LP/SYR)
FAUST- Tell the Bitch to Go Home (Something dirty/LP/Bureau B)

ОД САБАЈЛЕ НА КАНАЛ 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) 25.10.2011

BOB MOULD- Brazilia Crossed With Trenton (Workbook/LP/Virgin)
CAMERA OBSCURA-Come back Margareth (Let's Get Out Of This Country/LP/Merge)
BORIS VIAN- Le déserteur
KIMIKO-ak47 (From Our Room To Yours/LP/Geenger)
SHUGO TOKUMARU-Tracking Elevator (Port Entropy/LP/P-Vine, Polyvinyl)
THE BYRDS- Mr. Spaceman(Fifth Dimension/LP/Columbia)
A CERTAN RATION-Do the du (The Graveyard And The Ballroom/LP/Factory)
ABE VIGODA-Bear Face (Skeleton/LP/Post present medium)
BARAKA FACE JUNTA-Kamien ( Baraka Face Junta/LP/ Trujaca Fala,Nikt Nic Nie Wie)
SLIM CESSNA'S AUTO CLUB-No Doubt About It ( Unentitled/LP/Alternative tentacles)
FUNCADELIC- I wanna know if it's good to you?( Free your mind and your ass will follow/LP/Westbound)
XTC - Making Plans for Nigel (March 8, 1982 - Paradiso - Amsterdam, Netherlands-bootleg)
Jello Biafra & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine- Victory Stinks (Enhanced Methods Of Questioning/LP/Alternative Tentacles)
CRASS-Darling (Stations of Crass/LP/Crass)
Интервју со: Сецко(Mooger Fooger)
LAST EXPEDITION-Pesna Za Pesot ( Intro/LP/Bagi)
MOOGER FOOGER-Welcome To My World ( 4-th of July/LP/Corpus delicti)
Dead On The Sidewalk
The Warrior
Dragi moi stotrojkasi
Budenje na proletta
I Had A Dream Of A Dead Tree
1001 Tomorrows
Wallking Around
The Last Day Of The Earth
Frozen Obcurity

Monday, October 24, 2011

ОД САБАЈЛЕ НА КАНАЛ 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) 18.11.2011

STRIKE A MATCH-Strike a match(demo)
THE DICKS-Dicks Hate The Police ( 1980-1986/LP/Alternative Tentacles)
MULE-Hayride (If I Don't Six/12”/Touch&go)
BETTY DAVIS-If I'm in Luck I Might Get Picked Up(st/LP/Just sunshine)
THE WIPERS-Doom town (Over the Edge/LP/Brain eater,Sag)
CAT PARTY-Rhapsody In Black (Rhapsody In Black/LP/Sabotage,Taken by surprise)
JAPANDROIDS-Heavenward Grand Prix (Heavenward Grand Prix/EP/Polyvynil)
WHiLE-Is Vanity(Is Vanity/EP/Supersize,Napravi Zaedno)
BEIRUT-A Candle's Fire (The Rip Tide/LP/Pompeii)
CENGÝZ ÖZKAN-Byr ay…(Ah,Istanbul/LP)
THE EX-Double Order (Catch my shoe/LP/Carrot top)
GRASS WIDOW-Uncertain Memory (Past time/LP/Killrock stars)
HAPPY EVER AFTER-Big Youth Crashes (EP/X-mist)
JOE LALLY-What makes you(Why Should I Get Used To It/LP/Dischord)
ORCHESTRE TOUT PUISANT MARCEL DUCHAMP-Elephants(The Thing That Everything Else Is About/LP/Red wig)
PERE UBU-Modern Dance (The Modern Dance/LP/Blank)
Интервју со: Богољуб И Стефан(Ленка,Слободен Индекс,Анархистички Фронт)
REAGAN YOUTH-Jesus was a communist(A Collection of Pop Classics/LP/New red archives)
SUNS-Mojot son e samo moj (Mojot son e samo moj/LP/Kopriva,Lithium)
FELA KUTI-Beasts Of No Nation (Beasts Of No Nation/LP/Mca)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

КРАТКО И ЈАСНО @ канал 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) playlist 20.10.2011

THE EX-Double Order (Catch my shoe/LP/Carrot top)
BIG CRUX-Warship (Nature Cruising/12"/(SD)F)
OFF-Compared to what (Compared to what/EP/Soutern Lord)
LOST BOYS-Lost boys ( Gueules périmées/EP/)
WHITE LUNG-Tale (It's The Evil/LP/Deranged)
BARAKA FACE JUNTA-Kamien ( Baraka Face Junta/LP/ Trujaca Fala,Nikt Nic Nie Wie)
PIZZA OD-Comment Tu Fais ( s/t/LP/diy)
BRAIN F-2 Symptom Set ( So Dim/EP/Grave mistake)
AMEACA CIGANA-A palha do motim ( s/t/LP/raw,diy lifestyle)
WEEKEND NACHOS-Hometown hero (Worthless/LP/Deep Six,Relapse)
CRIPLLED FOX-Bang your head ( split EP vs. GFT/Spastic Fantastic)
GFT-Who do you think you are( split EP vs. Criplled Fox/Spastic Fantastic,Pasydarik Pats)
CHAROGNE STONE-Catherine Tramell ( La main de l'ange/EP/To live a lie,Crapoulet,Give praise,No way asso,Selfish satain,Boum coeuor)
BRAT FARRAR-I'm Not Free (It's on me/EP/P Trash,Bowery)
EMPTY HANDED-Refused (Perspectives/EP/Blackheart Inc., Farblos,Anchored, Heads Down, Mustard Mustache,Shit Piece)
FY FAN-Blabruna as( Ingen Framtid För Alltid/EP/No way)
Major Damage-Major Damage ( s/t/EP/Even worse/Way back when)
CIVIL VICTIM-Sorry for being broke (...no false hope/LP/Loud punk,Spastic fantastic)
INVASIVES-After Midnight (Desk Job At Castle Dracula/LP/Manic pogo)
SLIM CESSNA'S AUTO CLUB-No Doubt About It ( Unentitled/LP/Alternative tentacles)
CULT OF YOUTH-Cold Black Earth ( s/t/LP/Sacred bones)
CARRION SPRING-Troll's Toll ( A Short History Of Decay/LP/diy)
DES ARK-Bonne Chance Asshole ( Don't Rock The Boat, Sink The Fucker/LP/Lovitt)
TERRIBLE FEELINGS-Tied Up (Tied up/EP/Timmeheiehumme )
DUM DUM GIRLS-Wrong Feels Right ( He get's me high/EP/ Sub Pop)

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I guess we are lucky one.
We've got the chance to co-release first WHiLE 7".
You wanna be lucky too?
It's easy one.Just check them: http://www.last.fm/music/While
More info about this great release coming soon!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

КРАТКО И ЈАСНО @ канал 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) playlist 13.10.2011

CAT PARTY-Neon Lime Light (Rhapsody In Black/LP/Sabotage)
FUCKED UP-Bull thunder (Fucked Up Presents: David's Town/LP/Matador)
DEAD DIRG-BlaBlaBla (Verpisst/LP/Hardware)
EXTORTION-Decompose ( Get fucked/5”/RSR)
BRAT PACK-Safe and sounds (Stupidity Returns/LP/Shield,Doomtown)
PUNCH-Planning is easy (Nothing Lasts/EP/Deatwish,Inc.)
LA CASA FANTOM-Shut up (Selection by Elimination/LP/Fysisk Format)
ANTI YOU-A sign (Two-bit schemes and cold war dreams/LP/Six Weeks)
RED DONS-Se Foi (A Forced Turning Point b/w Se Foi /EP/No Options)
NIGHT BIRDS- The Other Side Of Darkness (The Other Side Of Darkness/LP/Grave mistake,Taken by surprise)
WHiLE-Is vanity ( Is Vanity/7”/Supersize,Napravi zaedno)
MY DISCO-Closer (Little Joy/LP/Temporary residence)
VIVIAN GIRLS-Death (Share The Joy/LP/Polyvinyl)
LEMURIA- Irregular (Pebble/LP/Bridge Nine)
BEYOND PINK- Let's go backwards (The new black/LP/Emancypunx)
BEIRUT- A Candle's Fire (The Rip Tide/LP/Pompeii)
WOVENHAND- The Threshing Floor (The Threshing Floor/LP/Sounds Familyre)
THURSTON MOORE-Benediction (Demolished Thoughts/LP/Matador)


ХАХАХА и BERNAYS PROPAGANDA се вратија дома после едномесечна турнеја.
Ова беше последна турнеја за оваа година (мислам дека 40 000 поминати километри се доволно!).
2012 ќе биде во знакот на 5 годишнината на BERNAYS PROPAGANDA.Во план се изданија,концерти,посета на свети земји...
ХАХАХА исто така ќе го прават она што го прават бендовите(снимање,издавање,свирење...).
Фала им на сите кои што овие бендови ги направија дел од својата реалност,и фала ви што вие сте дел од нашата.
Пишете ако имате прашања. Фала многу