Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Come to see Bernays Propaganda performing together with Handsome Furs on Balkan


26.04.2011 @ KLUB 21 Prishitina/Kosovo
27.04.2011 @ SOUL 2 SOUL Podgorica/Montenegro
28.04.2011 @ ORLANDO Dubrovnik/Croatia
29.04.2011 @ SLOGA Sarajevo/Bosnia and Hercegovina


Thursday, April 21, 2011

КРАТКО И ЈАСНО @ канал 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) playlist 21.04.2011

Modern Pets- kiling sounds for rotten people ( /EP/P-thrash,Prugelprintz)
Glow Kit- Killing time master ( EP# 2/P-Thrash)
No Class- Tired bored angry violent (s/t/LP/Deranged)
Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp-Mick (The Thing That Everything Else Is About/LP/Red Wig)
Avskum- Profit Punk Suger (Folk Som Har Sanger Kan Inte Do/EP/Prank)
Obits- Shift Operator (Moody, Standard And Poor/LP/Sub Pop)
P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.- Gotta get Away From You (Buzz Or Howl Session Summer 09)
Grass Widow-Uncertain Memory (Past Time/LP/Kill rock stars)
The Ergs- Throttle Boy ( Thrash Compactor/EP/Grave mistake,Firestarter )
Elastic Death- Opening theme ( demo)
Harlem- Someday Soon (Hippies/LP/Matador)
Rites of Spring-For want of (End on end/LP/Dischord)
White Guilt- Race And Nation ( s/t/ LP/Video disease)
The Defense- Hard to Find (Statement/EP/Crucial response)
Screaming Females- Normal(Castle Talk/LP/Don Giovanni)
Unfun- Trespassers will be shot (Sick Outside View/LP/Fast crowd)
Rature- Piste 5 (Titre inconnu/LP/SK)
Shores- Roux (Coup De Grace/LP/No Idea )
Shugo Tokumaru- Lahaha(Port Entropy/LP/Polyvinil,P-Vine)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

КРАТКО И ЈАСНО @ канал 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) playlist 14.04.2011

Nasekomix – Adam’s bushes Eva’s deep [Adam’s bushes Eva’s deep]
Hemendex – Waiting in line
Ulrich Schnauss – Crazy For You [Far away trains passing by]
Bomb The Bass – Up The Mountain [Back to Light]
Bomb The Bass – Beat Dis
Lushlife – Daylight Into me [Cassete City]
Lushlife – Another Word for paradise [Cassete City]
Handsome Furs – All we want baby, is everything [Face Control]
Handsome Furs – What about us
No Age – Eraser [nouns]
No Age – Glitter [everything in between]

Thursday, April 7, 2011

КРАТКО И ЈАСНО @ канал 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) playlist 07.04.2011

Adorno-The Bear (Adorno / Sugartown Cabaret /split 12”/ Agonia De Vivir, Communication Is Not Words, Emergence)
Sugartown Cabaret-I'm In Shape (Adorno / Sugartown Cabaret /split 12”/ Agonia De Vivir, Communication Is Not Words, Emergence)
Picket-Prazna ideologija ( demo)
Xtra Vomit-No Answers In Alcohol (Positive Noise/Xtra Vomit / Split 7”/IFB records)
Positive Noise-Your Choice (Positive Noise/Xtra Vomit / Split 7”/ IFB records)
Coke Bust-Keep out (Degradation / EP/ Grave Mistake,Refuse)
Secret Police-Meet The Press (Demo Tape/selfreleased)
Autistic Youth-Can't Turn Back (Idle Minds / LP/Dirtnap,Taken by surprise,Sabotage )
Red Dons-Failure (Fake Meets Failure / LP / Deranged,Taken by surprise)
Cola Freaks-Ctrl Alt Delete (Ingenting Set / EP/Hjernespind )
Munly & The Lupercalians-Petr (Petr & The Wulf / LP/ Alternative Tentacles )
Hiking-Trenches ( EP/ X-mist )
SQRM-Upsidedown Cross (Rodeo / LP / Youth Attack)
Ink & Dagger-Ladylove (Love Is Dead / EP/Six feet under,Happy days )
The Thermals-Not Like Any Other Feeling (Personal Life / LP/ Kill rock stars)
The New Pornographers-If You Can't See My Mirrors (Together / LP/Matador )
NED-Aux Morts (Bon sauvage / LP / African tape,SK records)
Marnie Stern-Risky Biz ( s/t / LP /Kill rock stars )


BERNAYS PROPAGANDA настапуват во Домот на младите во Штип на 15 Април.

ХАХАХА се дел од фантастичниот ЗДРАВО МЛАДИ фестивал ( МКЦ ,23 Април ).
Овој настап ќе биде воедно и концертно претставување на деби албумот ТАНГО РЕВОЛУЦИОНЕР.Едно врапче ни кажа дека е можно да се појават и винилни верзии на албумот токму пред овој настап.

Три дена после тоа BERNAYS PROPAGANDA тргнуваат на балканска мини турнеја заедно со HANDSOME FURS од Канада. ( 26-29 Април)
Овие настапи се загревање за заедничката Европска турнеја на BERNAYS PROPAGANDA и ХАХАХА ( 5 Мај-27 Јуни).

Wednesday, April 6, 2011




BERNAYS PROPAGANDA настапуват на фестивал во Домот на младите во Штип на 15 Април (петок).Повеќе информации НАСКОРО!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

DADAJAM(berlin) + a venus fly trap (скопје)

5 АПРИЛ ( вторник) ЛА КАЊА ,21:30,150 денари
Слушајте го интеpвјуто со Соња Исмаил во понеделник во 21:00 на КАНАЛ 103.