Monday, March 26, 2012

ОД САБАЈЛЕ НА КАНАЛ 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) 27.03.2012

Molokai-You surf, we send piranhas (Demo/DIY)
Parquet Courts-Other Desert Cities (American Specialties/cass/Cut The Cord That...)
Desertshore-Diana (Drawing Of Threes/LP/Caldo Verde)
Giles Corey-The Haunting Presence (s/t/LP/Enemies List Home Recordings)
Electric Sunset-Palace (s/t/LP/K)
Lake-One Small Step (Giving and Receiving/LP/K)
Eprhyme-Life Sentence (Dopestylevsky/LP/K)
City Center-Puppers (Redeemer/LP/K)
Robert Pollard-Faking My Harlequin (The Crawling Distance/LP/Guided By Voices Inc.)
Lee Ranaldo-Waiting On A Dream (Between The Times & The Tides/LP/Matador)
Witch Hats-Mahoney (Pleasure Syndrome/LP/Longtime Listener)
Grass Widow-Goldilocks Zone (Internal Logic/LP/HLR)
Cloud Nothings-Wasted Days (Attack on Memory/LP/Wichita,Carpark)
Cursive-The Sun and Moon (I Am Gemini/LP/Saddle Creek)
Prinzhorn Dance School-Turn Up The Light (Clay Class/LP/DFA)
Coma Stereo-Drakula (1000 mest/LP/Kapa)
The Men-Presence (Open Your Heart/LP/Sacred Bones)
Fucked Up-Year Of The Tiger (Year Of The Tiger/12"/Matador)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

ФОНИЈА навистина добро нагазија!

ФОНИЈА навистина добро нагазија со концертната промоцијата на својата нова плоча ЗЕЛЕН СОНЧЕВ ДЕН.
Во петок свират во WIRE во Куманово(заедно со ХАХАХА),во сабота во Талисман во Кратово(заедно со BERNAYS PROPAGANDA и ХАХАХА).На 29 Март за прв пат свират надвор од Македонија(Концерт во Софија во склоп на Аларма џез панк фестивалот заедно со ХАХАХА) а на 1 Април(вистина е,жими мајка!) отвораат за Американците А WILHELM SCREAM(заедно со НОВИОТ ПОЧЕТОК и 10 to GO) во Денсинг салата на МКЦ.
Мислам дека сега е повеќе од јасно зошто екипава со просек од едвај 20 години по член на бенд веќе имаат 3 плочи позади себе.

Monday, March 19, 2012

ОД САБАЈЛЕ НА КАНАЛ 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) 20.03.2012

Crass-System (Stations of the Crass/LP/Crass) 1980
Dead Kennedys-Kill The Poor (Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables/LP/Cherry Red,Alternative Tentacles) 1980
The Dicks-Dicks Hate The Police (Hate The Police/EP/Radical) 1980
Circle Jerks-World Up My Ass (Group Sex/LP/Frontier) 1980
Minor Threat-Straight Edge (s/t/EP/Dischord) 1981
Minutemen-Boiling (The Punch Line/12"/SST) 1981
Discharge-The Nightmare Continues (Hear nothing,See nothing,Say nothing/LP/Clay) 1982
Articles Of Faith-My Father's Dreams (What We Want Is Free/EP/Wasteland) 1982
D.R.I.-I Don't Need Society (Dirty Rotten/EP/Dirty Rotten) 1983
MDC-Multi Death Corporation (Multi Death Corporation/EP/R Radical,Crass) 1983
Husker Du-Everything Falls Apart (Everything Falls Apart/12"/Reflex) 1983
The Wipers-Doom Town (Over the Edge/LP/Brain Eater ) 1983
Big Boys-We Got Your Money (Lullabies Help The Brain Grow/LP/Moment) 1983
Black Flag-Can't Decide (My War/LP/SST) 1984
Agnostic Front-Blind Justice (Victim In Pain/LP/Rat Cage) 1984
7 Seconds- Not Just Boy`s Fun (The Crew/LP/BYO) 1984
Lärm-Dance till you drop (Campaign for musical destruction/split LP vs. Stanx/Eenheids front) 1984
Raw Power-Police, Police (You are the Victim/LP/Meccano) 1984
Amebix-Axeman (Arise!/LP/Alternative Tentacles) 1985
Unity-Positive Mental Attitude (You are One/EP/ Wishingwell) 1985
Rites Of Spring-For Want Of (s/t/LP/Dischord) 1985
Bad Brains-I Against I (I Against I/LP/Instant) 1986
Uniform Choice-Use Your Head (Screaming for Change/LP/Wishingwell) 1986
Youth Of Today-Break Down the Walls (Break Down the Walls/LP/Wishingwell) 1986
Embrace-No More Pain (s/t/LP/Dischord) 1987
Chumbawamba-Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire (English Rebel Songs 1381-1914/10"/Agit Prop) 1988
Infest-Sick Of Talk (Slave/12"/Off The Disk) 1988
Ignition-Buy and Sell (Machination/LP/Dischord) 1988
Soul Side-Problems Faced When Travelling (Trigger/LP/Dischord,Sammich) 1988
Reagan Youth-Jesus was a Communist (A Collection of Pop Classics/LP/New Red Archives) 1989
No Means No-It's Catching Up (Wrong/LP/Alternative Tentacles) 1989
Inside Out-Burning Fight (No Spiritual Surrender/EP/Revelation) 1990
Fugazi-Turnover (Repeater/LP/Dischord) 1990
Nausea-Self Destruct (Extinction/LP/Profane Existence) 1990
Nation of Ulysses-Today I Met the Girl I'm Going to Marry (13 Point Program to Destroy America/LP/Dischord) 1991
Nations On Fire-Iron Will (Strike a Match/LP/Strive) 1991
Manliftingbanner-Commitment (Ten Inches That Shook The World/10"/Crucial Response) 1992
Jones Very-Nothing Sin (New Life for Lies/LP/Jade Tree) 1992
Econochrist-18 and Free (Trained To Serve/LP/Vermiform) 1992
Capitalist Casualties-Beggars Can't Be Choosers (Disasembly Line/LP/Slap A Ham) 1992
Crossed Out-Lowlife (split EP vs. Man Is The Bastard/Slap A Ham) 1992
Dropdead-Bosnia (split 5" vs. Crossed Out/Crust,Rhetoric,Selfless) 1993
Endpoint-Pencil Break (Last Record/10"/ Doghouse) 1995
Los Crudos-Poco a Poco (Canciones Para Liberar Nuestra/12"/Flat Earth,Nabate) 1996
Charles Bronson-Marriage Can Suck it (Youth Attack!/12"/Lengua Armada) 1997
By The Grace Of God-Beneath the Blue (Prespective/LP/Victory) 1997
What Happens Next?-Who Are You Playing For? (Ahora Mas Que Nunca/EP/Lengua Armada) 2000
Vitamin X-Got A Reason (People That Bleed/EP/Havoc) 2001
ETA-Get Off My Back (No Faith/12"/Deranged) 2001
DS-13-Not My Fight (Killed by the Kids/LP/Havoc) 2001
Tear It Up-Don't Call Me Tonight (Nothing to Nothing/LP/Dead Alive) 2002
Fucked Up-No pasaran (No pasaran/EP/Deranged) 2002
From Ashes Rise-Reaction (Nightmares/LP/Jade Tree) 2003
Gorilla Angreb-Der Skal Drikkes Mere End Før (s/t/EP/KIck n' Punch,Feral Ward) 2004
Government Warning-No Moderation (No Moderation/12"/Feral Ward) 2006
Nighstick Justice-My reality (s/t/EP/Way Back When,Even Worse) 2007


@ La Kana (22.04.2012)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

КРАТКО И ЈАСНО @ канал 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) playlist 15.03.2012

Brain F≠-So Dim (So Dim/EP/Grave Mistake)
Culture Development-Things (demo/diy)
Screaming Brain-Black Out (demo/diy)
Beartrap-Lack Of Effort (Nailed Shut/EP/To Live a Lie)
Witch Cult-Burn (s/t/12"/Holy Roar)
Silla Electrica-No hay nada mas (Tension/EP/Blondes Must Die)
Juanita Y Los Feos-Quémame Ye Ye! (Robot Gigante Avanzando/12"/Gramaciones Grabofónicas)
Onde Eu Me Encaixo?-Pra Rir Depois (s/t/LP/diy)
Criaturas-Arañas en el Corazon (Arañas en el Corazon/EP/Lengua ARmada)
Hermanastra-Miseria (Tic galopante/EP/diy)
Mundo Muerto-Desorden Antisocial (Entre el Kaos/LP/Charged//Distorted,Konton Crasher)
Fatal Birth-Pray (s/t/EP/Twelve Gauge)
Hands Off-Lázadás (demo/diy)
Cervix-Death Culture (Life Fucker/EP/Video Disease)
Avon Ladies-Quality Programming (Guns & Gold/EP/Katorga Works)
Nazi Dust-Static art (Wretched Hour/One sided 12"/Vinyl Rites)
Amebix-Knights Of The Black Sun (Knights of the Black Sun/EP/Profane Existence)
Condominium-Life Is Amazing (Warm Home/12"/Condominium)
Cülo-I don't wanna listen (split EP vs. Tenement/Cowabunga)
Tenement- Your life or mine (split EP vs. Cülo/Cowabunga)
Death Token-Death Scene (All Dreams Are Nightmares/LP/Adult Crash,Too Circle)
Living Eyes-God Country (Starve For Agony/EP/Deathwish Inc.)
Big Eyes-Pretend To Care (Hard Life/LP/Don Giovanni)
Sex Church-Dull Light (Growing Over/LP/Load)
Telephones Rouges-Du bist dran (Radiocontrol/EP/Mama Vynila)
Royal Headache-Really In Love (s/t/LP/R.I.P Society)

Monday, March 12, 2012

ОД САБАЈЛЕ НА КАНАЛ 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) 13.03.2012

Handwithlegs-Un-Steady (The Electric Cave/LP/Cozy Home)
Oneohtrix Point Never-Nassau (Replica/LP/Mexican Summer,Software)
Dimlite-Fridge Note (Grimm Reality/LP/Now-Again)
Gonjasufi-Nikels And Dimes (MU.ZZ.LE/mLP/Warp)
The Field-Burned Out (Looping State Of Mind/LP/Kompakt)
Tim Hecker-Analog Paralysis, 1978 (Ravedeath, 1972/LP/Kranky)
Nate Young-Dress a Chair (Stay Asleep (Regression Vol. 2)/LP/NNA Tapes)
Benoit Pioulard-Hushes Gasp (Plays Thelma/LP/Desire Path)
The Caretaker-Tiny Gradiations Of Loss (An Empty Bliss Beyond This World/LP/History Always Favours The Winners)
Psychedelic Horseshit-Dead On Arrival (Laced/LP/FatCat)
Julianna Barwick-White Flag (The Magic Place/LP/Asthmatic Kitty,Mistletone)
Karl Blau-Golden Chariot (Max/12"/K)
The Manual And The Machine-Past Performance Predicts (Boiler Maker/demo)
Locrian-Augury in an Evaporating Tower (The Clearing/LP/Fan Death)
Skoal Kodiak-Pinomage (Kryptonym Bodliak/LP/Load)
The Psychic Paramount-N5 Coda (II/LP/No Quarter)
Colin Stetson-Those Who Didn't Run (Those Who Didn't Run/mLP/Constellation)
Neon Blud-Bleed Blud (B Girls/12"/Drugged Conscience)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

КРАТКО И ЈАСНО @ канал 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) playlist 08.03.2012

Submission Hold-Final coup of the last millennium (What Holds Back the Elephant/LP/G7 Welcoming Committee,Stonehenge)
Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp-Elephants (The Thing That Everything Else Is About/LP/Red Wig)
Avengers-We are the one (We are the one/EP/Dangerhouse)
Gorilla Angreb-Der Skal Drikkes Mere End Før (S/t/EP/Kick N'Punch)
50 Foot Wave-Bug (s/t/EP/Throwing Music,4AD)
Chumbawamba-Timebomb ( Anarchy/LP/One Little Indian,London)
Slant 6-Don't you ever (Soda pop * rip off/LP/Dischord)
ESG-Erase You (A South Bronx Story/LP/Universal Sound)
Stereolab-Wow And Flutter (Mars Audiac Quintet/LP/Duophonic,Electra)
Baraka face junta-Kamien (s/t/LP/Trujaca Fala, Nikt Nic Nie Wie)
Crass-Systematic Death (Penis Envy/LP/Crass)
Teenage Jesus & The Jerks-My Eyes (Everything/LP/Atavistic,Trident Music International)
Sleater-Kinney-Little Mouth (Call The Doctor/LP/Chainsaw,Matador)
The Evens-Warble Factor (2 Songs/EP/Dischord)
Delta 5-Anticipation (Anticipation/You/EP/Rough Trade)
Grass Widow-Uncertain Memory (Past Time/LP/Kill Rock Stars)
Life Without Buildings-PS Exclusive (Any Other City/LP/Tugboat,Trifekta)
The Gossip-Your Mangled Heart (Standing In The Way Of Control/LP/Kill Rock Stars)
Spitboy-In Your Face (True Self Revealed/LP/Ebullition)
Deerhoof-Come See the Duck (Green Cosmos/LP/Kill Rock Stars,ATP,Menlo Park)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ОД САБАЈЛЕ НА КАНАЛ 103 ( www.kanal103.com.mk ) 06.03.2012

The Low Anthem-Love And Altar (Smart Flesh/LP/Bella Union, Nonesuch)
Luke Roberts-Epcot Women (Big Bells & Dime Songs/LP/Thrill Jockey)
The Belle Brigade-Sweet Louise (s/t/LP/Reprise)
Middle Brother-Thanks For Nothing (s/t/LP/Partisan)
Sufjan Stevens-Chicago (Illinois/LP/Rough Trade,Cycle,Sinnamon,Asthmatic Kitty,Sounds Familyre)
Bill Callahan-America! (Apocalypse/LP/Drag City)
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy-Love Comes To Me (The Letting Go/LP/Domino,Drag City,Spunk)
Grant Hart-The Main (Intolerance/LP/SST)
Bob Mould-Again And Again (District Line/LP/Anti-)
Azra-Daleko od istine (Suncana strana ulice/LP/Jugoton)
Gary Higgins-Windy Child (Red Hash /LP/Nufusmoon,Drag City)
Woody Guthrie-This Land Is Your Land ( This Land Is Your Land/LP/Folkways)
Phil Ochs-I Ain't Marching Anymore (I Ain't Marching Anymore/LP/Elektra)
Boris Vian-Le déserteur (Le déserteur/LP/Philips)
Gipsy Rufina-Wild Boar (End of Decade/LP/Bad Mood)
Gipsy Rufina-Cottage Days
+ Live kanal 103 set & Interview
Tom Paxton-Mr Blue (Morning Again/LP/Elektra)
Neil Young-What Did You Do To My Life (Neil Young/LP/Reprise)
Tim Buckley-I Had A Talk With My Woman (Lorca/LP/Elektra)

Monday, March 5, 2012


BEARTRAP ( http://beartrap.bandcamp.com/ ) од Америка
и WITCH CULT ( http://witchcultpv.bandcamp.com/ ) од Англија
се бендови кои што свират powerviolence/fast core и доаѓаат во Скопје на 16 Март(во Ла Кања) да ви ги пробушат ушните школки.
SCREAMING BRAIN се на истата линија и конечно со настап во Скопје после подолго време.
CULTURE DEVELOPMENT се новиот бенд на екипата од Heart Stroke.
Концертот почнува во 18:00!!!