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In early november of 2012, we finalized work which for local standards, was an entirely unique musical release. It is a compilation called "common struggle", which in the form of CD contains 23 tracks of music and bands from the former Yugoslavia. What makes this music edition specific, is that it originated as a joint venture of anti-fascist groups from throughout the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and, for the first time, brought together musicians with a clear anti-fascist worldview from almost all countries of the ex-Yugoslav space. Therefore, it is much more than just music.

This is the first joint project implemented minded individuals and groups from all countries of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, which has nearly 30 years of almost continuous exist in a hostile state, condition of eternal conflicts that grew into open hatred, manifested in the recent past through bloody wars between our people. In such a social atmosphere where the voices opposing the dominant ideologies of nationalism and fascism whispering or overridden by the right-wing noise high volume, strong integration and anti-fascist organization is imposed as the need arises. The interconnections between the people of the area the same or similar language, historical heritage and difficult present, necessarily refers to one another all those who see beyond the walls of the prevailing tribal awareness of the local ruling classes. The need to challenge and overcoming the grim reality of our societies, which for over two decades, with more or less intensity, dominated by the ideology of nationalism and fascism, has become an existential character.

In the wake of this, the music is a compilation of small, but potentially very important step towards a better interconnection of all active anti-fascist groups and individuals from this area who in quite difficult conditions act independently and against structures of regional states, which, in fact, leaders and influential promoters of retrograde politics of nationalism. Fighting in their local communities is the basis of the anti-fascist action, but by itself is insufficient in the space we inhabit, which works on a system of communicating vessels, where right-wing insanity occurred in one of the states, automatically causes the identical right-wing insanity in almost all other countries with territory of Yugoslavia. This is why it is necessary for joint, synchronized action anti-fascists in every part of the Balkans, it is the only way that can effectively fight against the fascist evil that continues to dominate the region.

The concept of this compilation is naturally derived from the fact that the alternative (sub) culture here, and a global, base anti-fascist activism younger population. The idea of freedom and questioning of traditional authority, as the principle of alternative (mostly punk-rock) music and subculture logical to fascism as a political and, above all, life, human orientation. That is why the music content compilations such dominant. But staying in this framework, which are too narrow for the size of the anti-fascist ideas would be inappropriate to the task that the idea has set for itself. Therefore, attempts to encompass a wider and more diverse range of musical performers in his former work openly promote those principles and values to which the project was conducted. Accordingly, this CD contains the widest range of local alternative music scene, from the completely "underground", the general public little-known punk bands, such as The Truth, Catmas, impure or similar, to established names like alternative music Fakofbolan, Active Propaganda, Red Union and the bands that can be said to belong to the regional "mainstream", or even beyond, like Darko Rundek, Kultur Shock, Atheist or Rapa St! llness's.

Booklet, or "booklet" of this issue, clearly and impressively thorough basic info contain and the socio - political position you are local anti-fascist groups. In addition to the compilation of texts of songs, a paper of this publication contains the famous essay by Umberto Eco's "Ur-Fascism" (Eternal Fascism), in which was the epitome exposed thesis that the danger of fascist ideology has not disappeared with its military defeat in 1945. year, but, on the contrary, often in new and insidious forms and forms are constantly present in the existing capitalist socio-economic system, because it is their bad debts, in fact, produced "in your lap."

At first, shockwave side of the photo booklet Mate Parlov largest Yugoslav boxers of all time, the European, World and Olympic champion in the light heavyweight category, which is outside the box, in everyday life led by the noble principles which are summarized in his legendary statement during the worst of the nationalist bloody orgy in this region, which is immortal in size as much as his sporting achievements, "How can I be a nationalist if I'm a world champion? Many people do not understand. They were the winners of the state, and often do themselves did not manage to win. The world marveled at my results, and they all accepted me as her everywhere, black and white, anyway. I met the world, and cannot be anything but a cosmopolitan. So I look at sports and the life. "

The image of Mate Parlov today, modern fascism in the region's most loyal symbolic expression that includes all its proclaimed principles; willingness and persistence to a large and devoted work, superior to the realities in which you happened to be a universal, humanistic attitude towards people and the world whose we are part of and, quite often, not least the willingness to physical confrontation and defend the principles of equality and brotherhood among the people of, by nature, aggressive and oriented towards the domestic fascist and nationalist ideology. Because of the characteristics of fascism which is massive, the primary means of organized violence to achieve political goals, fascism must always be prepared for a physical confrontation with him.

Last, as this release contains the visual sense is a photograph partisans, members of the National Liberation Army of Yugoslavia in World War II, which was also expressed a clear position by the growing global trend of historical revisionism, which takes the most radical right in the former Yugoslavia, which current regimes rehabilitate local fascist Quisling army from the period of the Second World War, questioning the colossal size of the local anti-fascist historical heritage. The symbolism of the authors of this compilation have shown another very important component of the local contemporary fascism which cherishes and nurtures fascism partisan historical heritage of the area.

As was mentioned at the beginning, the technical development of the compilation is only a small first step towards the goal. It will require a lot of work that the idea that this publication carries reach a wider range of people and encourage them to actively engage in the fight against fascism and firmer cooperation. Promotion of this edition will be held throughout the year, through a series of concerts and other activities in the framework of which will be distributed to visitors of these discs events in several cities in almost all ex-Yugoslav states. We invite all free people from the region to follow the progress of this compilation and promotion of their participation support the idea behind it.

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